Diversity as a new way to design?

1.6.2012, Start 10.00h
Internationales Design Symposium, Kunstuniversität Linz, Kollegiumgasse 2


MULTIPLY was this year’s call for interdisciplinary networking. The conference has explored methods and strategies of visual communication and links the creative practice with the arts, social and natural sciences.

During the one-day conference designers, scientists and creative thinkers were invited to influence, adopt and modify their working methods in order to generate new thinking models and approaches to their disciplines. MULTIPLY was thereby exploring diversity in the field of visual communication and linking the creative practice with the arts, social and natural sciences in order to multiply their scope.

Since the design practice is divided into many specializations, “undisciplined” approaches are needed to find unusual references and inspiring influences. MULTIPLY was therefore cross-linking professionals from various fields to examine the connection between practice, theory and research, explore their creative potentials and rethink the 101 of design principles.


9.30 Reception & registration
10.00 Welcome,
Univ.Prof. Dr. Reinhard Kannonier,
Rector University of Art and Design Linz
Dr. Patrick Bartos, CEO of
creative.region Linz & Upper Austria

Introduction & moderation,
Univ.Prof. Tina Frank

10.45 Diversity – A Driving Factor for Creative Systems

How can we encourage creativity? Intelligent systems are driven by diversity and therefore create frictions. 

This session will present three different positions that spark creative processes: the philosopher contributes her knowledge, the artist implements the ideas and the crosslinked duo of Liquid Frontiers puts together just the right people in a team.

Isolde Charim, Vienna

Els Vermang, LAb[au], Brussels ENGLISH

Sabine Dreher & Christian Muhr,
Liquid Frontiers, Vienna

12.45 Lunchtime
14.00 Lateral Thinking as an Opportunity

Are the borders between science, art and design disappearing? Interdisciplinary working methods in crosslinked communities lead to cultural innovation. MULTIPLY and CREATIVE REGION Linz & Upper Austria present three practical approaches of international acting personalities.

Jeroen Barendse, Lust, The Hague ENGLISH

Stefan Erschwendner, LHBS, Vienna

Mathias Gmachl, Loop.pH/farmersmanual, London ENGLISH—cancelled

16.00 Break
16.30 Markus Hanzer, qarante, Vienna
followed by a panel discussion
18.00 MULTIPLY!  Buffet & Drinks



Jeroen Barendse, LUST

LUST is a multi-disciplinary graphic design studio based in The Hague. Besides classical graphic design LUST has a soft spot for abstract cartography, data visualization, information systems, new media, interactive installations, urban planning and architecture. In 2010 LUSTlab was established as a research platform to share knowledge and generate ideas.


Isolde Charim

For many years Isolde Charim was teaching at the Faculty of Philosphy at the University of Vienna. She is a freelance journalist in Austria and Germany and works as a political commentator for derStandard and the weekly paper Falter as well as columnist for taz. Next to various lectures she writes essays and articles. Recently published: “Lebensmodell Diaspora” a book about modern nomads published by transcript Verlag.


Sabine Dreher & Christian Muhr, Liquid Frontiers

Vienna based label for the realization of projects and products between the boarders of fine arts, architecture, design, visual communication and new media. Founded in 2000, the two curators Sabine Dreher and Christian Muhr work as autonomous cultural producers and suppliers, handling projects from the conception to its implementation and managing an international network of specialists as “creative liquidity”.


Stefan Erschwendner

Managing partner of LHBS Consulting in Vienna and Berlin. LHBS is an interdisciplinary and strategic think thank for cultural innovation and branding that helps clients to better understand the emerging cultural context and consumer insights to develop and implement holistic concepts for brands and business. In 2011 Stefan Erschwendner has initiated the series ‘Uncomfortable Talks’, discussing inspiring and challenging thoughts about marketing and innovation.


Matthias Gmachl

Multidisciplinary artist and researcher at loop.pH and founding member of farmersmanual – a multi-sensory disturbance conglomerate expanding their practice from music concerts to interdisciplinary cultural, aesthethic and political experiments. Currently develops a sound research programme to examine the relationships between arithmetic, geometry, music and astronomy. Lives and works in London.


Markus Hanzer

Markus Hanzer is a designer for brands and media. He has been working for a range of TV companies since 1980, finding solutions to complex problems and developing innovative design for a broad market. Markus Hanzer speaks at various conferences and teaches at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, the Art University in Linz and the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg.


Els Vemang, LAb[au]

LAb[au] examines the transformation of architecture, art and design within a practice entitled ‘MetaDeSIGN’. Metadesign [meta = information about information + design] displays the theme of space- and time constructs relative to information processes. It concerns the transposition of inFORMational processes in n-dimensional (visual, sonic, spatial) form and is characterised as system art, among which LAb[au] is mainly active within the interactive, reactive and generative realm.


Multiply Symposium: es kann losgehen! Multiply Symposium: es kann losgehen! Multiply Symposium: es kann losgehen! Es Ist angerichtet! _MG_0677 _MG_0683 _MG_0691 Tina Frank eröffnet das Multiply Symposium Audimax beim Multiply Symposium Multiply Symposium Isolde Charim Isolde Charim Els Vemang, LAb[au] Tina Frank, Els Vermang Sabine Dreher, Liquid Frontiers Christian Muhr, Liquid Frontiers Jeroen Barendse, LUST Stefan Erschwendner, LHBS Consulting Multiply Diskussion Markus Hanzer, qarante Diskussion: Sabine Dreher, Jeroen Barendse, Stefan Erschwendner Jeroen Barendse, LUST Multiply Symposium: Blick auf das Publikum Multiply Symposium Programm Multiply – Andruck 1 Programm Multiply – Andruck 2 multiply_programm_gedruckt


MULTIPLY was curated by Univ.Prof. Tina Frank and organized by the University of Art and Design Linz together with CREATIVE REGION Linz & Upper Austria.

The conference was providing interested people, professionals and especially students a space to raise questions and concerns in the field of visual communication.

In addition to an education in crafts and skills, students of the Bachelor degree programme Graphic design and Photography are encouraged to explore the boundaries of their discipline and implement complex ideas. The two-year Master’s degree Visual communication is designed as a personal and artistic research situated between experimental design and conceptual work, exploring the creative practice as an interplay between content and form, text and image, theory and practice.

Tina Frank

Brigitte Höfler
Katharina Hölzl
Nataša Sienčnik
Sarah Feilmayr
Romy Eckertsdorfer
Armin Mitterbauer

Elvira Stein
Julian Weidenthaler


CREATIVE REGION Linz & Upper Austria


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